While road hazard injuries (cuts, punctures, snags and bruises) or impact damage caused by potholes, curbs or other objects in the road are an undesirable part of driving, the tyre damage they inflict is not within the control of the tyre manufacturer and is not typically covered by their limited tyre warranties. Regardless of its quality, no tyre is indestructible.

Currently there are a limited number of tyres that remain backed by a tyre manufacturer road hazard coverage.

Conversely, none of the limited tyre warranties cover conditions that are not considered to have been within the tyre manufacturers’ control, including irregular wear attributed to a lack of tyre maintenance or vehicle condition, damage due to accidents, vandalism or being driven on while flat. If you have a question about tyre warranties or have a tyre that you would like to submit for warranty consideration, you can work directly with Unique supplies Kenya via our contact email address or phone contacts.


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